¿About us?

At Vom Mittelmeyer Haus we specialize in the breeding and care of German Shepherd dog puppies in Panama.

Our main objective is to improve the breed focusing on the character, temperament, balance, fighting spirit, heart of the dog, conformation and movements, these last two characteristics being of great importance since the German Shepherd is a dog trotter, with an excellent structure physical that allows you to cover great distances with very little effort.

Vom Mittelmeyer Haus is made up of a highly trained staff, with great experience in the dog area, with a great vocation and passionate about this great work. Our puppies are bred by specialized personnel under the control of Veterinarians, under the strictest protocols of vaccines, hygiene and nutrition, guaranteeing the breeding of specimens that are not only beautiful, but healthy and with genetic abilities to develop different types of jobs.


The German Shepherd is a dog breed that comes from Germany and its origin goes back to the year 1899.




Group 1 – Dog guard and shepherding

Section 1 – Shepherding with work tests


Diverse jobs, shepherding and dog at service to man.


The German Shepherd dog is of medium height, slightly elongated, strong and well muscled, with dry bones and firm general structure.

Stockhaar (Short hair) and Langstockhaar (Long hair)


The breed standard is drafted in accordance with the official provisions of the VEREIN FÜR DEUTSCHE SCHÄFERHUNDE (SV), a German Shepherd Association based in Augsburg, affiliated with the German Canopy Association (VDH), which in its capacity as creator of the breed is responsible for the breeding standards of the German Shepherd dog breed, written during the first meeting of partners in Frankfurt-M, on September 20, 1899, according to the suggestions of the Board and Advisors, from March 23-24, 1991.